We at The Crown of Life Ministries strive to disciple people at various levels to birth the fullness of Christ in our congregations.

Some of the programs are as below

Beginners Bible Course (BBC)

This is an entry level program to teach the basic doctrines of the Bible. It’s an interactive teaching time, where we allow people to ask questions and we answer them to help understand the Scriptures and God in a better way.

Baptism Classes (BC)

When we are sure that a student understands the Bible and witness him/her committed to God in his/her walk, then we challenge and take them through this course. This course is designed to help them establish a strong relationship with God.

Discipleship Classes (DC)

This program is structured for spiritually matured and committed, who are ready to take a step forward to serve God. It’s a nine month long rigorous training, requiring a disciple to go through various tests along with training to ascertain the call over their lives. This program culminates into ordination of the disciple as a bonafide worker in the church.


This is a weekly leadership program for the ordained workers, ministers and pastors of the church. Here, we extensively learn on the topics of spiritual leadership and to sharpen our calling to excel in our duty posts.