Building Kingdom Communities

Building Kingdom Communities

Building Kingdom Communities

Reaching the World

We are a kingdom-focused ministry having a vision to “Build Kingdom Communities, based on kingdom principles of Jesus Christ”. Yes, it’s a vision beyond the capacity of human endeavor. So, we trust the Lord Almighty to provide us with the right people, having the right motive and full of passion, operating under the divine wisdom to take it up and do it all as unto the Lord.

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Get started today

People Matter At Crown

We believe that all people matter and that the Church can and should make a real difference for the better in the lives of everyone regardless of who they are, what they’ve done, or where they’re from. TCLM is always looking for ways to put people back on their feet and to empower them to discover purpose, hope, love, and community as they have never known before.

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We, as the church

are called to be the light of this world and the salt of this earth (Matt.513:14) and are expected to shine in our God ordained calling to fulfil the purposes of our life.

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